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A New Path to Jefferson

raised of $5,000.00 goal


A new public trail system will open up the landscape known to Jefferson and the enslaved community to both Poplar Forest visitors and the surrounding community.

Easily traversable trails, accessible by foot or bicycle, will join more rustic paths, following historic roads and mown paths through the plantation fields. Trailheads with parking will be established on the perimeter of the site, and new trail maps will guide visitors through the trail system, while interpreting the historic, cultural and natural resources of the surroundings. Your support will fund the planning, materials and labor necessary to build the new trail system at Poplar Forest, and help us create “A New Path to Jefferson.”

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December 31 2016
Cornelia Christian
December 06 2016
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October 07 2016
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September 11 2016
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September 07 2016
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