Landscape Digital Animations

The first computer model of Jefferson’s ornamental landscape within the circular road is now available to visitors onsite and online. These animations were produced as part of a collaborative effort between Poplar Forest’s Department of Archaeology and Landscapes and the Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites at the University of Cincinnati. Creating these animations was the first step in a multi-phase project to produce an interactive way to experience Jefferson’s landscape before it is fully restored.

By clicking on the link below you will see animations depicting the core of Jefferson’s retreat as it may have looked around 1815. The placement of plants and landscape elements in these renderings has been guided by archaeological and documentary research. Each animation replicates a different experience, from approaching the retreat house along the circular road to viewing the sunken lawn from the south portico. Future plans for this project include animations of the plantation landscape and interactive elements that allow visitors to move virtual plants around the ornamental landscape. Funds are currently being sought for these next steps.

You can view the same animations on a kiosk available in the Poplar Forest Museum Shop while watching the archaeologists at work at the allee of trees excavation site. Plan your visit to Poplar Forest for the complete experience. This project is made possible by a generous support from Verizon.

Landscape Digital Animations

Aerial View of Poplar Forest

Entering the Ornamental Core from the Southwest

View of the Sunken Lawn from the South Portico

North Core and Carriage Turnaround as Approached from the Circular Road

Walking Along the Sunken Lawn Towards the Carriage Turnaround

Walking Through the West Allee of Paper Mulberry Trees

View from the End of the Sunken Lawn

View from the North Portico