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Support hands-on history—help bring more students to Poplar Forest.


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Make school trips to Poplar Forest possible for more and more students, and allow them to discover the history of Jefferson’s legacy through hands-on, active education. A gift of just $25 covers the cost of FIVE students!

Your gift will support the resources needed for Poplar Forest to continue to offer a wide array of hands-on learning activities for students in grades 2-12. When students are able to visit Jefferson’s retreat home, we’re able to keep his vision alive, accurately tell the important stories of enslaved people, and bring focus to the history and culture of the Revolutionary era. Among our hands-on history activities that shine a light on the past through active learning are:

  • A firsthand look at life on a tobacco plantation
  • Archaeological cross-mending with reproduction artifacts
  • Sifting through “found” items to gain insight into culture and lifestyle
  • Writing with a quill pen, just like Jefferson
  • Making bricks out of mud using colonial techniques

Please make your most generous gift today, and help more students experience Poplar Forest. Your support will fund the planning and materials necessary to bring more school field trips to Poplar Forest, and to make those visits as educational and as memorable as possible.

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Support hands-on history—help bring more students to Poplar Forest.

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