New Paths to Jefferson

Poplar Forest’s history goes far beyond the walls of Jefferson’s retreat home. Now, we’re preparing to share even more of the plantation’s history.

A new, beautifully designed entrance road will soon greet visitors to Poplar Forest, enhancing both visibility and accessibility to the property, and creating a parkway in the truest sense of the word: a linear park, containing a scenic road.

The addition of beautiful ornamental and screen plantings will make the two-mile drive to the historic house a most pleasant, most impressive start to every visit, while an easily accessible, free audio narration will give visitors a broader sense of the historical context to their surroundings. Through the inclusion of trails and interpretive sites, we will provide recreational and educational enhancements to broaden and enrich the experience of all visitors, while providing a community asset and recreational resource for Bedford County, the City of Lynchburg, and the surrounding region.

In addition to this beautification of the property, we’re also building an expanded system of walking and hiking trails along old road traces, fence lines, and fields. Our goal is to give Poplar Forest visitors—and our local community—many more ways to explore the land that Jefferson adored.