Help Us Create a New Path to Jefferson

A New Path to Jefferson

Poplar Forest is where Jefferson shaped his thoughts and cultivated the ideas that would influence a new nation. Today, our goal is to shape the long-term future of Poplar Forest, cultivating Jefferson’s vision to be shared and enjoyed more widely than ever before. Through your generosity, we can create a new path to Jefferson, exploring his enduring legacy in new, intriguing and revelatory ways.

Among the initiatives and activities your gift will support at Poplar Forest:

A New Path to Poplar Forest

A new two-lane parkway will offer a striking first impression while also making Poplar Forest both more visible and more accessible.

A New Path to Nature

The new parkway will be augmented with a system of hiking and walking trails, connecting native woodlands, agricultural fields and historic streams.

A New Path to History

Poplar Forest’s authentic approach to restoration will be used in the finishing details of the house’s interior, allowing visitors to experience true Jeffersonian era craftsmanship.

A New Path to Understanding

Newly created cultural and educational offerings not only tell Jefferson’s story and the stories of the enslaved population, but promote awareness, democracy and creative thinking.

A New Path to Independence

Two key funds will build financial capacity: the Poplar Forest Reserve Account will provide capital for day-to-day operations, while the Endowment Fund will solidify the longevity of Poplar Forest.

A New Path to Awareness

An ambitious branding and marketing campaign will be launched to increase awareness of Poplar Forest and ultimately attract more visitors to this memorable destination.

Make a Gift to our Annual Fund

The Annual Fund operates on a yearly basis to help fund the daily, operational needs of preserving Poplar Forest and keeping it open to the public. Plus, your gift can make you eligible for a Poplar Forest membership, offering exclusive member benefits. Learn more about our membership opportunities.

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