You’re invited to go inside Thomas Jefferson’s private retreat, the home of his most personal architectural creations and the site of his individual pursuit of happiness.

Step into History

Here, you’ll find award-winning, thought-provoking and meticulous historical restoration, both inside and outside the walls of Jefferson’s house, through archaeological discoveries and research that continues to uncover new knowledge about Thomas Jefferson and the free and enslaved people who formed the community at Poplar Forest.

The Retreat

Jefferson’s design for Poplar Forest is considered by many to be his most perfect and perfectly executed architectural work—indeed, Jefferson’s vision was for his retreat to be “the best dwelling house in the state.”

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From historical theater to wine tastings, musical performances to academic lectures, you’ll enjoy a full calendar of special events at Poplar Forest.

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A Virtual Visit to Poplar Forest

Explore our rich history online, through talks, tours and more, featuring details on Jefferson’s life and legacy, archeological and architectural renovations, with additional resources for history lovers of all ages.

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Group Tours

Poplar Forest welcomes group tours. Groups of ten or more must be scheduled in advance, and groups of twenty or more will receive a discounted admission rate.

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Museum Shop

Visit our Museum Shop for an array of gifts and souvenirs that offer historic insight into architecture, archaeology, Thomas Jefferson and the enslaved community of Poplar Forest.

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Property Rental & Photo Sessions

Poplar Forest offers private rentals of the grounds and after-hours tours of the house, as well as photoshoots on the grounds for an hourly rate. 

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New Paths to Jefferson

A new two-lane entrance parkway will soon make Poplar Forest more visible and accessible to visitors, while a system of hiking and walking trails connects the native woodlands, agricultural fields, streams and historic sites.

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Visiting Poplar Forest with a student group? Our school tour programs offer active learning for grades 2-12.

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