Campaign Contributors

$12,306,002 (raised as of 10/21/2021)

On behalf of The Board of Directors of Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, we extend our most sincere appreciation to the following supporters for their generosity. Thank you for your commitment to our goal of creating “A New Path To Jefferson.”

$1,000,000 and Above



Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gladden, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. T. Joseph Pond, Jr.
Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
Mrs. Anne R. Worrell


The Cabell Foundation
The GENAN Foundation
Watson-Brown Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Cranston Williams, Jr.


The Beirne Carter Foundation
The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Dutterer
Zeb and Jan Gray
Mr. David W. Hamberg
Becky E. Hash
KVA Foundation
The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Smith


The Estate of Virginia A. Arnold
The Hon. Gerald L. and Mrs. Robin D. Baliles
Bank of the James
Anne Cox Chambers Foundation
Roberta Collins Crist Fund through M. Clagett Collins, M.D.
The Andrew Horsley Easley and Anne Owen Easley Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Everett III
Ray Griffin Foundation as directed By Jim and Amy Ray
J. Dale and Amy Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. W. Tucker Lemon
Mr. Stewart Morris, Sr.
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
Lisa and Jerry Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Watts II in honor of James O. Watts, Jr. and Sarah Key Watts and in honor of Courtney Clark, Gertrude Clark


American Electric Power Foundation
County of Bedford, Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. Orran L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Clark
Mike and Elizabeth Harrington
Richard and Cheryl Hiner in memory of Katharine D. Hiner
Christian S. and Helen C. Hutter in memory of Beverly S. and Frances F. Hutter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Logan III
Ms. Madeline E. Miller and Mr. H. Gordon Leggett, Jr.
Moore & Giles, Inc
Russell W. Moore, Jr. and Sandra L. Bouwman
Marietta McNeil Morgan & Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Trust
Office of Economic Development & Tourism of the City of Lynchburg
Mrs. Chiswell D. L. Perkins
Mr. Richard G. and Dr. Kathryn M. Pumphrey
Helen and Taylor Reveley
The Roller-Bottimore Foundation
Marc A. Schewel
Mr. Michael J. Schewel and Ms. Priscilla Burbank
Vincent Scully and Catherine Lynn
Phillip C. and Cherrill K. Stone
The Al Stroobants Foundation
TCV Trust & Wealth Management
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Warthen III
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Wayt
Anonymous (2)


Mr. J. Frederick Armstrong
The George E. Crouch Foundation
Beverley and Doug Dalton
Mr. Remmel T. Dickinson
The Ellis Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald
The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation
Josephine Griffin
Richard & Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee
Gisela M. John
Stan and Elise Lanford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Lundell
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Mrs. Charles M. Parker in memory of Charles M. Parker
Michael and Carolyn Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. George P Ramsey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roberts
Bill and Becky Semones
Rachel Shenigo
Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Teague III
Jack and Sandra Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Massie G. Ware, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. White


Sondra and Doug Cruickshanks
Dominion Foundation
Ms. Katharine T. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin N. James
Evelyn F. James Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson III
Robert and Lynn Beebe Lambeth
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Long, Jr.
Mr. Calder Loth
David and Rosalee McCullough
Thomas and Linda Mitchell
Steve and Judy Schulz
William Skinner
Paul and Wendy Tackett
Ms. Kay Wilkinson


Atlanta Preservation Center
Kristin and David Benson
Ms. Linda Anne Boyte
Esther and Rudy Bunzl
James A. Clodfelter
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Constance
Carol T. Cover
The Curtis Group
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gene Goley
Hillside Garden Club
George and Louise Kegley
Timothy A. Kuhn
The Minnie & Bernard Lane Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Nelson
Dr. Laura Macaluso and Mr. Jeffrey L. Nichols
Rob and Linda Palmer
Pettyjohn, Wood & White, Inc.
Rieley & Associates
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Vaughan
Ms. Mary Denny Wray


William L. Beiswanger
Richard and Barbara Binder
John Pilcher Bradshaw Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce E. Brannock
Douglas and Ruth Broadfoot
Mr. F. H. Boyd Coons
Roger Dowdy
Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia
Stephen C. Foster
Maureen F. Giese
Charles T. Hagan III
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Hart Jr.
John H. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kramer
Holly Leicht-Weinstein and Adam Weinstein
Rodney and Karen Lorence
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Madden
Travis C. McDonald, Jr.
McGuireWoods LLP
Meriwether Godsey, Inc.
Hugh C. Miller in memory of Stella H. Miller
Mr. Robert L. Montague, III
Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Moore
Mr. C. Murphy Moss and Ms. Mary Ann Coffey
Mr. Marc D. Propst
Sootie, Dickens & Shadow Ramsey Fund as directed by Thomas O. Ramsey in honor of Marian and Preston Stevens and Chrissie Wayt
Mike and Elena Rousseau
Kirsten Sihlanick

Mark and Susan Sihlanick
Ken and Cam Srpan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Sterne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney N. Stokes Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Taylor III
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Van Name
Mr. and Mrs. C Michael Welch
Nancy and Jeff Wilson


Burgess and Karen Allen
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Autry IV
Joe and Linda Carroll
Mary and Carlile Chambers
Dan and Kourtney Coleman
Ygondine Sturdivant Creasy Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Douglas and Ruth Day
Michael Evans
Julia Jackson Gray in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
C. Thomas Hamlin III
Teresa Harris
David and Joan Healy
Patrick Horne and Dr. Elizabeth Williams
Wes Hunsberger
Barry and Bev Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. John MacLeman
Mr. Dennis D. Mateski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonald
Barbara A. Moser
Mr. and Mrs. G. Andrew Nea, Jr.
Alex and Jessica Newmark
Ralph Pernice in memory of Rebecca Pernice
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pettyjohn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pickford
Alyson and Peter Ramsey
Debra D. Shaver
Frank and Lark Smith
Rick and Lynne Spies
Shelley J. Switzer
Kyle Tello in memory of William and Carolyn Barnett
Brenda Torian
Deborah Ware
Stormy and Jonathan Wiegand
Sterling A. Wilder


John and Pamela Aadland
William E. and Christine Albers
Ron and Judy Atkinson
Ms. Betty F. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bauer
Joseph and Patricia Bodenstedt
Susan L. Buck
Robert and Chrystie Burns
Stephen and Ann Cagle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Carrington III
Andrew Cherna in memory of Richard T. Sadler
Robert M. Chilton
Dr. and Mrs. C. Hunter Cloud
Drs. Matthew R. Craig, M.D. and Jennifer M. King
Doug and Sandy Crowther
A. Glenn Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. David V. Dietrich
Bob and Connie Dixon
Susan A. Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Edwards
David Ferguson
Ian Firth
Charles O. Flickner Jr. and Christine Wegman
Barbara Fultz
Mrs. Mary Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Gill Jr.
Robert and Salle Ann Gill

Samuel Gill

Robert Golcheski
Gwen Goodkin in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Ms. Carol Z. Hannah
Mr. Richard L. Hay
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hedge FAIA
Robert and Robyn Hiller
Donald M. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Hollinshead
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell John Johnson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Jonusas
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kesler in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Jonathan and Alexandra King
David and Ann Koch
Ms. Judith B. Lavinder II in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Lavinder, Jr.
Mr. Jeff Lenser
Robin and Rick Loving
William and Barbara Luton
Randy and Betty Jo Marling
Justin and Middy McCarthy
Ed and Beverley McCauley
Sandy and Anne McKenna
Larson Mick
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Mooney III
Elizabeth P. Mossman
Michael and Burnadette Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Newskyj
Dr. Steven Nichols
Joe and Marcia Obenshain
Dee Parsons
John Pensec
Mrs. Mildred L. Petty
George Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Ramsey III
Irene and Daniel Randolph
Mr. G. Everett Reveley in honor of Helen Reveley
Jim and Sylvia Rinker
Michael F. Rosenthal and Marleen F. Roggow
Hans F. Schwartz
Mr. Isaac S. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. William Sihler
Jay Spencer
Nancy Spillane
Dennis R. and Connie L. Straub
Kenneth O. Summerville
Mike and Debbie Sumner
Mr. Lee A. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Thomsen, Jr.
Deborah Tolley
Edward T. Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. D. Cabell Vest
Dr. and Mrs. J. Scott Wade
John L. Walker
Elizabeth White Waters
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Winemiller
Mina and Robert Wood
Studie and Zach Young

Below $250

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Abramson
Robert and Ingrid Adam
Budd B. Adams
Margot and Colin Aker
Len and Cyndy Alaimo
Ms. Marian Alexander in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander
Eugene Alford in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin and Gene Alford and their friendship
Erin Alvis
Mr. Gary Aman
Herb and Terri Anastor
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson
Rev. Frank W. Anderson
N. Allen Anderson
Paige C. Anderson
Shannon Arrington
Linda and Stephen Bailey
Ms. Carolyn Kelly Baker in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Baldwin Jr.
Mrs. Ellen Barr in memory of Robert Q. Barr
Danny L. Bartlett
Senator Marc Basnight
Pamela B. Bayse
Joanne Bear
Peter Becker
The Beckham Family
Mrs. Nancy E. Bedford in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Ms. Norma Beheler
Claire and Bryan Benedict
Glenn and Debbie Berger
Eric Berghold
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bergmann
Page Bethke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beville
Ms. Stephanie Bickers
John Bloom and Amy Farrell
Blue Ridge Therapy in memory of Vincent Scully
Larry Bly
Mr. and Mrs. Dane U. Blythe
Jeanne and Deane Blythe
The Boisen Family
George and Barbara Bonnett
Richard Bottone
Ms. Nancy A. Bourne
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Boyd
Steve Boyd-Smith
Martha W. Brame
Mrs. Caroline Y. Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bresler
Sgt. and Mrs. William B. Bristor
Roxanne Brouse
Carole and Steven Brown

Linda Y. Brown
Phyllis H. Bruce in memory of Rick Bruce
Robert J. Brugger
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Brunson, Jr.
Joseph and Sherry Bryant
Wyatt L. Buckingham
Carl Buesing
Bob and Pat Burley
Mary Ann and Paul Burnam
Susan Burnell
Brian and Lori Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Burton
Joseph Cafarella
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Calhoun in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Kent Campbell
Karen Campbell and Bob Galloway
Dr. and Mrs. D. Rae Carpenter, Jr.
Mr. Robert Carroll
G.K. Carter
Paula Gusbar Carter
Shirley C. Caskie
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Cass, Jr.
Jan and Helene Cella
Lester J. and JoEllyn Chadwick
Al and Bettye Chambers
Edward A. Chappell
Ann H. Christie
Vanessa Cieslak and Kevin Holloway
Ms. Susan I. Cimbalo
The Citrone Family
Mrs. Herbert A. Claiborne
Brian and Judy Clark
Carolyn M. Clark
Rev. and Mrs. Richard K. Clarke
Mr. Earl Clayton
Johanna Cleary
Ms. Phyllis Clements
Gene and Rebecca Coakley
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Coates
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cocco
Chris Coffey
Pamela L. Coleburn
Mr. E. Stewart Coleman
Community Foundation of The Lowcountry
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Costo, Jr.
Sally R. Coughlin
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Coughter
Mitch Counts and Family
Kristen and Mike Cowling
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Crow
Arlene Cundiff
Janet and Richard Cunningham
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Dageforde
Mr. Steven Dasher
Jane and William Davis

Ms. Michelle Davis
Thomas A. E. Davis
Dick and Patti DeiTos
Jean Dennis in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Wilson and Anne Carter Dickerson
Richard S. Doring
Dr. and Mrs. Basil C. Doumas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drumheller
Bruce Duval and Nancy Duval
Mr. Paul Dwiggins
Mr. Terry R. Eastman and Ms. Victoria L. Diaz-Eastman
Frank and Lucy Ellett
Martha Ellett
Garry Evans
David M. Fairman
W. Vincent Fastabend
Michael Fein
Mr. and Mrs. John Felicciardi
Mark and Gaile Ferguson
Karen Fessler
Judith Lee Fichter
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ford
Mr. Vance L. Fraley
Fred and Phylis Fralick
Richard Lee Francis
Lyle Frederickson
June Gaeke
Palmer and Richard Gard in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Jack and Lynn Gardin
Robert and Christine Garsson
Jack Gary
Mr. and Mrs. Walter George in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
The Gilreath/Klosterman Family
Lorri Girling
Mr. Robert L. Givens, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Gladwell
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Glass IV
Mrs. Joseph F. Gleason
The Hon. and Mrs. Robert W. Goodlatte
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Goodwin
Greg and Barbara Gordon
Dabney Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gough
William M. Grant
Mrs. Emily Greenwood
Colonel and Mrs. Wilbur T. Gregory, Jr.
Gordon Griffin
Ms. Linnea M. Grim in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Ms. Deborah Guy
Ms. Gladys Hagerty and Mr. William Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hall
Stephanie Hallinan
Mr. Gardiner Hallock
William and Sherryl Hankins
Lane and Linda Harbertson
Mary B. Harkleroad
Edwin L. and Lucy D. Harper
Claudia Harrison
Dr. Ronald L. Hatzenbuehler
Greg and Marlene Hay
Headquarters 310 Command Association in memory of Lib Walker
Timothy Healy
Dr. Julius C. Hedden, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Hellewell
Roger and Bev Henderson
Ann and John Hess
Lawrence and Elisabeth Hicks
Tanesha J. High
C. Roger Hill and Terry E. Jones
Mr. Thomas J. Hogan
Deborah Holloway
Edward and Sally Hotchkiss
Francine Huang
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hudson III
Mrs. Robert T. Hughes
Mrs. Marjorie K. Huiner
Jim and Nancy Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Huprich
Mrs. Eleanor Zurn Hutt
Dianne Hylton
Betty Ann Hyssong
John Peters Irelan
Ann W. Jackson
Steven D. Jackson
Jeffrey L. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jakobowski
James J. Jefferson in memory of Elizabeth Jefferson Walker
Joel Jensen
Stanley and Linda Johnson
Linnea Jones
Mrs. Jean Judd
Janet B. Kaltenbach in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Evelyn J. Kealey
Herb and Judy Keil
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kennan in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. J. Matthew Kenney
Mr. Christopher O. Kern
Evelyn Morrison Kinkade
Dianne Kinney
Mr. John Knoblich
Melora Kordos
Teresa A. Lane
Chiswell D. Langhorne
Jane Larkin
Randy S. Layman
Mr. Roger W. Lazorchack
Mr. Charles Ledbetter
Thomas and Mollie Ledford
Ms. Virginia Lenz
Rebecca Leucht
Ms. Carrie E. Lien in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
R. Chambliss and Edie Light
Nancy Linn
C. Lloyd Lipscomb
Timothy John and Lisa Liston
Janice Litschert
Crawford and Jenice Long
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jefferson Looney
Agnes Lee Lowry-Campbell in memory of Lester E. Campbell, Jr.
Mrs. Sharon S. Lugar in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lowe Lunsford III
Lynchburg Chapter, NSDAR
Lohrie G. MacDonald
Doug and Jennifer Mackintosh
Allen and Karen Majewski
Bruce and Judith Marsh
David W. Marshall
Ms. Elizabeth B. Marshall in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Betsy and Carl Mason
Mary Massie
Dr. William McKinnon Massie
Michael Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCauley, Jr. in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Gene McClure in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Lee W. and Marlene A. McCombs
James McConnell
Madeleine McDonald
Carden C. McGehee, Jr.
Karen McIlvoy
Mr. and Mrs. John McKinney
Ms. Sandra McNerney in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Claire Melroy
John I. Mesick
Gene and Mary Meyer
Chita and Rick Middleton in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Jayne and Bob Milanovich
Edmond Miller in honor of William S. Price
Scott and Patricia Miller
Gena Morris
Bob and Joyce Morrison
Norwood and Susan Morrison
Nancy J. Moser in honor of John L. and Hilda Moser
Tammy Moss
Larry and Susan Moxley
Mr. David B. Neumeyer and Ms. Mary V. Barney
Gail L. Norkett
Mrs. Monica Oosting
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Owens
Laura J. Page
Phyllis Palmer
Nicholas A. Pappas, FAIA
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John Pennington
Gregory Perry
Ronald and Carol S. Peterson
Helen E. Petrill
Mrs. Alice Phillips
John and Trudy Phillips
Andrew and Barbara Piekutowski
Alycon T. Pierce, C.G.
Mrs. Rachel Pietsch
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Piggott
Mr. Chris E. Pikrallidas
Kathleen Placidi and John d’Entremont
The Honorable and Mrs. Kenneth R. Plum
Jim Porter
Mr. Christopher Powell
Mr. Robert J. Pratt
Anita Priddy
Mr. J. Perrin Quarles in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Quarles in honor of Rick and Lynne Spies
Mr. and Mrs. John Ragosta
Suzanne and Dudley Raine
Ms. Marilyn Rainey in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Rayburn
Kathryn Reesman
Evans and Sharon Reynolds
Joseph and Bessie Richards
Douglas and Amanda Riley
Mr. David R. Ritter
Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Garden Club
Mr. and Mrs. James Robbins in honor of Christian Stevens Wayt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roberts in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Jane Robinson
Marty Robison Family
Peter J. Rockefeller
Janet and William Rolfe
James W. Rook
William L. S. Ross
Barbara and Mason Rowe
Nancy and LeRoy U. Rudasill, Jr.
John and Joan Ruppenthal
Mr. Jeffrey A. Ruppert and Dr. Kara E. Marciani
Joan Ruszkowski
Mr. Mark Sandefur
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schaefer
David A. Scheinman
Elliot and Rosel Schewel
Frank and Susan Schmaltz
Paul F. Schrecker
Mr. Frank S. Schwahn, Jr. in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Robert T. Scott
Robert Self
Ray and Nancy Selmer
Ms. Priti Shan
Robert and Margaret Shannon
Michelle Shinn
Jud and Rebecca Simmons
Jeffrey & Maria Sinley
Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Smack
Mr. Cameron O. Smith
Kathleen M. Smith
Ms. Kay B. Smith
Ms. Laverne Smith
The Smith Family
John Snarr
Mr. and Mrs. Rayner V. Snead, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. A. Solyom
Mr. Robert A. Spangard
Del and Becky Spangler
Bob Spatz
Mr. Hugh Sprott
Linda and Roger Steele
M. K. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stout
Ann Percy Stroud
Peter and Judy Suhmann
Myrna L. Sullivan
Marsha Summerson
Ms. Metta Tanikawa
Ms. Sharlene M. Tenaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tenley
Drs. Christine and Stephen Terry
Suzanna C. Thieblot
Jeremy and Ashley Thompson
Cheryl, Jen, Roofi and Barry Tice in honor of Margi and Booner Reiman
Jason Tipton in memory of Donald G. Tipton
Mr. M. Bradley Tonkin, Jr.
Ms. Beth J. Towner in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Steve and Cathy Trimble
Sergei Troubetzkoy
Mrs. Hubert C. Roop, Jr. and Mrs. Warren Tuck
Art and Sue Urbanik
Sally S. Van Allen
Kay and J.P. Vaughan
Mr. Kevin Wagner
Gene and Debbie Walker
Richard and Mary Wall
Mr. Glen Wallick
Karen Warren
Peter and Mary Jo Warren
Edward and Belinda Watkins in memory of Sarah Spotswood (Berkeley) Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ashby Watts III
Kathleen W. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Weidner
Anna B. Weil
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wellborn in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Glenn and Jeanette Wertz
Bill and Phebe Wescott
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Wheeler
Rebecca B. Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. B. Hunt Whitbeck, Jr. in memory of Dick Sadler
Ms. Sandra K. White in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Chris and Barbie Whorton
James and Barbara Williamson
Timothy R. Winters
Jonathan Witter
Ms. Virginia B. Wohlford in memory of Sylvia Smith Griffin
Janice E. Woodard
John H. Works, Jr.
Gary E. Wright
Jim and Marty Wright in honor of Travis McDonald
Denise Yannone and Stephen Batt
Mark Yarris
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Zahor
Anonymous (3)

The Thomas Jefferson Circle

Poplar Forest is grateful to these new members of our planned giving society, whose commitments were secured during the capital campaign. Thank you for leaving a legacy at Poplar Forest.

Mr. Craig R. and Dr. Kristi S. Fowler
Timothy A. Kuhn
Dennis D. Mateski
William L. S. Ross
Phil and Cherrill Stone
David and Shelley Switzer
Paul and Wendy Tackett
Mr. and Mrs. Massie G. Ware, Jr.

Capital Campaign Sprint Donors

We extend our sincere thanks to the many donors who have supported our online fundraising campaigns for the following special projects.


Dave and Anna Adkins
Linda Bailey
Jim Bauer
Jason and Amy Beckham
Page Bethke
Joseph Bodenstedt
The Boisen Family
Joe Cafarella
Frank Callaham
Melanie Christian
Susan I. Cimbalo
Elizabeth Creech
Thomas A. E. Davis
Christina Dick
Judy and Ken Dotson
Jason and Mary Quinn Ferguson
Barbara Fultz
Garden Thyme Garden Club
Barbara Gengenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gough
Emily Greenwood
Linda Greenwood
David Gross
Susan Giles Hamilton
Suzanne M. Harkness
Gail and Wayne Harris
John Herzfeld
Lee Ann Houston
Ann Hubbard
Bev and Kate Hutter
Temp and Karen Hutter
Betty Ann Hyssong
Carmine Iadarola
Kyle Kendrick
Mary Kesler
Melora Kordos
Arthur S. Lefkowitz and Amy E. Lawrence
Nancy Long
Kristin and Lefty Longa
Dr. George I. Martin
Stephen E. McLaughlin
Doug and Jill Moore
George Niblett
Gail L. Norkett
Mike Pinelli
Steve Preston
Ken Ringle
Larry and Leslie Roberts
Charlene Rode
Hans F. Schwartz
Linda S. Shanley
Sandra Sims
Jacqueline F. Ward Talevi
Deb and Robert Terry
Holly Veloso
Ray and Margie Weidner
Glenn and Jeanette Wertz
Diana West
Marilyn Williams

Dog Kennel

Paige Anderson
Jim Bauer
Lynne Bettinger
The Boisen Family
Richard Bottone
Caroline Y. Brandt
Doug Broadfoot
Roxanne Brouse
Carl Buesing
Johanna Cleary
Arlene Cundiff
Stacie Elliott
Laura Fischer
Emily Greenwood
Jeffrey Hardy
Alice Holcomb
Catherine Elizabeth Holcomb
Andrea Horton
Mary Laub
Judy Lavinder II
Patricia Lemon
Catherine Lynn
Dr. Laura Macaluso and Mr. Jeffrey Nichols
Genevieve Neale, DVM (Pawprints Mobile Medicine for Pets)
Peter Newskyj
Cynthia and Phil Nichols
Mary Ann O’Donnell
Paul Penny
Lenore Plassman
Robert J. Pratt
Will Rieley
Letty Shearer
Susan Sheppard
Susan Sihlanick
Mildred Steele-Hollenbeck
Christine Sweeters
Jacqueline F. Ward Talevi
Mary Norvell Thomson
Kari Thyne
Carolyn Turner
Christine Vrooman
Kenneth White

Public Trails

Steve Boyd-Smith
Margot Aker
Barbara Braun
Joe and Linda Carroll
Cornelia Christian
David and Beatrice Clauss
Glenn Dalton
Lynn Dodge
Curtis Elswick
Theodore C. Engelder
Rachel and Ryan Gagen
Wayne Gannaway
Emily Greenwood
Tammy F. Herron
Jessica Hogan
Donna Klimchuk
Arthur S. Lefkowitz and Amy Lawrence
Christopher Little
Morris Lockhart
Nancy Marion
Lynn McCashin
Marlene McCombs
Michael C. McCray
Madeline McDonald
Yvonne McMahon
Sam Mizener
Kyle Neuman
Peter Newskyj
Shawn Parrish
Carter Paxton
James Peery
Larry Peyton
Eric Proebsting
Lorraine Regula
Sylvia Rinker
C. D. Rivers
Ms. Amanda Robinson
Ms. Patricia P. Salamone
Mr. Greg Slominski
Anita Smith
Jacqueline F. Ward Talevi
Kay Van Allen
Gene and Debbie Walker
Dennis Watts

Jefferson Gate

Dave and Anna Adkins
Erica and Andrew Brown
Karen Campbell and Bob Galloway
Kyle Kendrick in memory of Roy Maynard Kendrick (1949-2017)
Mr. Leland Krebs and Ms. Lydia Gnos
Jacqueline B. Mars
Jane and George Phillips
Kathryn Reesman
Ken and Peggy Slusher
D. Cabell Vest
Deborah Ware

Shirley M. Ware

Fireplace Restoration

Dave and Anna Adkins
John Amoroso
Joe and Judy Axelrod
Joseph Griffin
Suzanne Hamlin
David Keller
Peter and Judy Suhmann


Christina Anderson
Joe and Judy Axelrod
Tina M. Beatty
Doug and Ruth Broadfoot
Elizabeth Creech
Jennifer Dickey
Nicholas Diffenbaugh
Stephanie and Charles Fagan
Greer Illingworth in honor of Ian Robert Whittinghill
Dennis D. Mateski
Marlene McCombs
Gail L. Norkett
Christopher Powell
Robert J. Pratt
Kathryn Reesman
John and Suzanne Schoenbrunn
Mark and Susan Sihlanick
Kathleen Stout
Peter and Judy Suhmann
Joshua Swenson
Jeremy and Ashley Thompson

School Field Trips

Carolyn M. Clark
Mr. Mark Ellis
Emily Greenwood
Vivian Haussermann
Christian S. Hutter III
Katherine M. Kramer
Alexandra Macaluso
John Pensec
Mr. and Mrs. Massie G. Ware, Jr.
Teresa Watson

Exhibit Cases

Dick and Elsie Byrne


Mr. Mark Ellis
Christine Rae Henry
Dr. Laura Macaluso and Mr. Jeffrey L. Nichols
Robert J. Pratt
Joshua Swenson
Paul and Wendy Tackett

Gifts Were Received in Honor of the Following:

Catharine and Wood Burns
Agnes Lee Campbell
Alice Carter
Vanessa Cisz
Courtney Clark
Gertrude Clark
Dave Clauss
Brian Foree
Jack Gary
Robert Giese, Sr.
Zeb and Jan Gray
Harman Eye Center
Donald Holcomb
The Hutter Family
Beverly S. and Frances F. Hutter
Mr. and Mrs. Christian S. Hutter III
Clay S. Jenkinson
Richard Mason
Travis McDonald
Mary Ruth Mizener
John L. and Hilda Moser
Alfene Page
Judy Penny
Gail Pond
William S. Price
Margi and Booner Reiman
Helen Reveley
William Rieley
Barbara Berry B. Somers
Rick and Lynne Spies
Marian and Preston Stevens
James O. Watts, Jr.
Sarah Key Watts
Stephen Watts
Christian Stevens Wayt
Ian Robert Whittinghill
Scott and Betty Wright

Gifts Were Received in Memory of the Following:

GGene Alford
William and Carolyn Barnett
Robert Q. Barr
James and Bernice Bickers
Nat & Willie Ree Broach
Rick Bruce
Frank H. Callaham, Jr.
Edward A. Chappell
James R. Cleary
Lester E. Campbell, Jr.
Nancy E. Dalton
Mazell Franklin Dotson
Susan Duerson
G. Logan Forsyth
J. William Grant
Sylvia Smith Griffin
C. Robert Grippin
Button Gwinnett
Kay R. Hagan
Katharine D. Hiner
Ann Hoskins
Beverly S. and Frances F. Hutter
Kyle Kendrick
Roy Maynard Kendrick
Hilda Lorraine Kuchar
Timothy A. Kuhn
Frank Lagana
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Lavinder, Jr.
Carden C. McGehee, Jr.
Jeanice Midgett
Stella H. Miller
R. William Moore
John L. and Hilda H. Moser
Mac and Genevieve Nowack
Charles M. Parker
Rebecca Pernice
James Logan Porter
Richard T. Sadler
Ulli Scharnberg
Vincent Scully
Thomas J. Shanley, Jr.
J. Richard Smith
Jean Stevens
Marian Hutter Stevens
Edward H. Tarkington
Frank Thomasson
Donald G. Tipton
Massie Valentine
Lib Walker
Elizabeth Jefferson Walker
Sarah Spotswood (Berkeley) Watkins
Walter J. Weidner
Deborah L. Wilder

Gifts Were Received in Honor of Four-Legged Friends:

Scottish Terrier Bonnie from Forest, VA
Klaus Van Tassel
Kyle and Troop
Ripley, Cora and Pappy
Stevi and Kallie

Gifts Were Received in Memory of Four-Legged Friends:

Casey and Mont
Maxwell, Gus and Boudreaux
McDuff and Toby; the two best dogs ever
Oli Duff
Peyton, the best dog ever

Please note that this list reflects gifts made to sprint campaigns through December 31, 2021. Thank you for your generous support.

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