Restoration Blog

Winter Architectural Exhibit

As part of the Winter Weekend exhibits in the house, the unfinished East Room is an exhibit featuring three principal themes: Jefferson’s skill as an experienced builder; the role of physical evidence; and the authentic measures by which we are restoring the house. These first two themes are listed on a poster board. Visitors can search around the room to see more than 20 arrows keyed to the features listed on the posters. In addition, the hardware evidence on the original Hemings walnut door and parts of the hand-made wood trim are on display. An exhibit case contains some of the “biggest hits” artifacts from the original house. All the other rooms in the house feature thematic exhibits, some of which are hands-on. Visitors have to opportunity to engage a docent, or to just sit in Jefferson’s “siesta” chair and read a book for as long as they want. The new life-size bronze bust of Jefferson takes center stage in the cube room.