Architectural Restoration

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The U.S. Tentative List, 2008

Poplar Forest makes the World Heritage U.S. Tentative List

Period Homes, November 2005

Jefferson Comes Alive


Below are several articles and essays written about Poplar Forest by Travis McDonald, the Director of Architectural Restoration.

New additions:

Tom the Builder, UVA Magazine 2018

Jefferson, Builder Palladiana 2016

Virginia Cavalcade, Winter 1993

Poplar Forest – A Masterpiece Recovered

Virginia Cavalcade, Winter 2002

Poplar Forest – Privacy Restored


Poplar Forest: Synthesis of a Lifetime


A Masterpiece of Human Creative Genius


Thomas Jefferson’s Architecture


The Universal Significance of Jefferson’s Architecture

National Park Services Preservation Brief

Understanding Old Buildings: The Process of Architectural Investigation

Association for Preservation Technology’s APT Bulletin, 1996

The Brickwork at Poplar Forest: Mr. Jefferson Builds His Dream House

Journal of the White House Historical Association, Number 18

The Private Villa Retreat of Thomas Jefferson

Wood Design & Building, Number 10

Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Retreat: A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Building Environments; Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture X

Rat Housing in Middle Virginia: The Diffusion of Everyday Life